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Thursday, November 24, 2005

stoves and ice

I have decided my angst was to do with being cold.
Here is a lovely warm site to browse amongst.
Makes you feel warm just looking at it.
Descartes thought up
I think therefore I am
sitting on a stove in central Europe.
I am not surprised no wonder he felt cosy and therefore thought ah yes, I can think too.
My friend Jeff is a big Descartes fan too and we discussed Descartes and Heidegger while I was doing this talk for him.
Anyway, this post is also about Ice Queens and more specifically about the White Witch who is ofcourse the wonderful Tilda Swinton who I adore.
She was in lots of Derek Jarman's films and then a brilliant Orlando in Sally Potter's film (note the Virgina Woolf reference creeping in here) and she lay for ever like the sleeping beauty in a glass box in the Serpentine Gallery.
But the best ever thing about Tilda is her clothes.
Oh yes, she loves fashion.
This is such a relief and keeps all us arty fashiony academics cheerful.
Banish the blues!


cityB said...

I love Tilda too! Except an actor friend once told me he was on a set with her once and she kept going into the caravan with the director. But I don't believe him.

Kate said...

Oh Hi City B! I am SOO glad you commented.
ALso this is a cue for my Tilda story.
I was in her Shakespeare class !!!!
But I was so uncool in those days she didn't look at me once.
Good gossip though.

Mary Plain said...

wow Kate, I am v impressed that you were in Tilda's class. I think she is great too. I am looking forward to going to see the Narnia film to see her as the Witch. I read somewhere that someone said she is wrong cf the description in the book- haven't checked- but she looks exactly right to me.

Joolz said...

Oh dear. What am I if I have never heard of Tilda before?
I am afraid I also find the whole Narnia thing really annoying; maybe too many BBC series of based on the books just makes me think it is about posh kids with sulky voices.

I think I am suffering from inverted snobbery sometimes.

My tv viewing at the moment occurs on a Wednesday - (hence no blog posts) as I have to watc.h What not to wear' and 'Lost'.
Am I a lost cause?

Kate said...

No. You are right.
What not to wear is my favourite programme too.