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Monday, November 14, 2005

box doodling

Thanks to Vic for this site. It is so inspiring.
I have been thinking about collections of stuff on the internet.
Flick has masses of collections under the label 'tags'. It is hard to deal with so much stuff. Tag ephemera and you get all that.
See what I mean?
Discarded is one of my favourite categories, but you have to sift through.
Collections is a great tag though.
Is it the same as when you look through endless objects in a museum and then feel exhausted and have to go and eat crisps on the back of the bus to recover?
Or being on-line is the process different there being no bus and no crisps?
Maybe Michaela would know.


Catman said...
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Kate said...
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david gilbert said...

Here is another interesting collection for you Kate, at the Museum of Dirt, which sadly now only seems to exist in archive form at Dirt from all parts of the world, contributed by 'real' people and lovingly catalogued. Inspirational!

Kate said...

Thanks David
I looked in the site but the dirt was gone but the site is amazing!

Joolz said...

Interesting post DrKate I love the links.
Did you see this?

Kate said...

Its a little sad.
Do you think I am blogging tooo much?

JP said...

Keep blogging Dr. K!

Mary Plain said...

another great post, DrK. and of course you aren' t blogging too much! it is great for us your readers..

Kate said...

Thanks Mary Plain!
I will continue.