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Friday, November 11, 2005

the relationship between fragment, sequence and narrative

This quote come from the work of Michaela and Marianne who I met on Tuesday.
Go and have a look at their website as it is wonderful.
I have realised that artists are kind of 'fast academics' in that they generate ideas twice as fast as us academics, who have to do the research project first.
I loved the way in which their work reflects the ideas they have, and the generative thinking they do.
Marianne's work records stanzas of conversations overheard alongside isolated objects from the built environment to map the influence of everyday reality upon the artist and her practice.
Michaela explores the links between collecting, categorisation and ways of knowing.
I love their collaborative thinking about the interaction between the artist and everyday life, and the relationship between talk and objects.
Here is a generative task for you.
What is this?
Answers tomorrow.


Joolz said...

This is a Christmas Alien.

Kate said...

You are wrong.
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