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Monday, November 21, 2005

starting out

Because I have no museum exerience and am doing this AHRC grant from a totally different space from that of a museum curator I have bought this book and this one and this one.
This is always my mentality when I feel nervous and is why I have multiple copies of Raymond Williams'
The Long Revolution
as I think that if you buy lots of copies of the right book, it will seep in.
I am not sure this is the right approach but we shall see.
The web is much better. I will definitely read this,and consult this site although it seems to be over.
All this makes me feel very tired and I might end up here.
If you do one thing, go to this site as it will make you laugh.
Anyway if I get stuck I can always consult my friend Tim at the Science Museum.
He knows everything.


michaela said...

we like where you 'ended up'! we've been there ourselves - you'll be OK

marianne and michaela

Kate said...

THanks Marianne and Michaela!
I hope you will help show me the way!

JP said...

museum of lost packets..... you uber geek girl you!

nice pic btw - what one does where there is no broadband :)

Joolz said...

That photograph is really beautiful I absolutely love it.

Kate said...

My mum likes it as well. She reads this blog too.