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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dr Joolz is in Venice

This is a photo I took when I was in Venice in 1999.
It saved my life going to Venice
(I was recovering from a Burst Appendix. This did not stop me from going to MaxMara oh no) and I hope Dr Joolz has a lovely time.
The amazing thing about Venice is that there are no roads, only canals and I could not believe this until I got there.
It is also a city of students, a revolutionaries and wonderful books have been written about it.

Meanwhile I more prosaically am going here for the weekend. I am going to meet Brian, who, strangely enough is going to go and meet Dr Joolz, Guy and Anya in Miami.
The global nomads move on.
I will be back!


Digitalplayer said...

Venice is soooo wonderfully restorative- particularly in winter when the canals are sweeter smelling and the sun is low in the sky and pale in reflection on the domes and the water. It is where I went like you Kate, after my big operation to wander around in wonder. Though I failed to find max Mara on this occasion being more propelled by Ruskin and the stones of Venice.

JP said...

Have fun in Brighton Dr K!

Anya said...

Wow I will be meeting so many people in Miami! It is very exciting but also rather scary - the pressure is on!!! Have a lovely time in Brighton! :>

Kate said...

Anya you must explain to Brian why blogging is so important identity wise as at the moment I think he thinks I am mad and doesn't really understand its attractions.