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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

every object tells a story

Thanks to Marianne for this link. It is a brilliant site.
I put a story in and I wonder if you can find it. The clue is in this picture.

In my work I distinguished between oft-told stories, the Hymes' narrratives, which linked to everyday life and were intergenerational.

To me, the timescale of the object and the story, is important, and I have written about it in this post.
Some narratives span generations, others relate to shorter time frames.
PS This story has a HAPPY ending. This blog is now going to go ballistic with JOY.
I HAVE GOT THE AHRC GRANT Inside and Outside glass cabinets!!!!
And you are the first to know.
Thanks to David, Dr Joolz, Anya and everyone who made this possible (this is like an Oscar speech I could go on)
However, this blog will get even more arty.
You have been warned.


Anya said...

Congratulations Kate!!! I am very happy for you!! *happy dance*

Mary Plain said...

amazing news! well done!

JP said...

Congrats to Dr Kate!

Kate said...

THanks everyone. I feel the support on this blog has really got me through!!

Joolz said...

This is excvellent news and I will fling myself about toprove how happy I am.