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Thursday, November 10, 2005

useless objects

Thanks to Steve for this link.
It is full of wonderfully useless information.
I was a little appalled when David wanted to put most of these lovely objects in a skip but maybe he has a point.

What is their point?
Are they any use at all?
What do you think?

PS. Guy has a marvellous post on collections of objects. Go and see.
PPS Digigran is also overwhelmed with stuff here. What should she do?


Dr. Rob said...

There is only one answer to having too much stuff - ebay! Sell the lot and buy new stuff - sorted!

Kate said...

I am not sure museums are allowed to sell their stuff on ebay.
David would know.

JP said...

Yuck kitsch!

You could try smashing them then put in skip.

Dr. Rob said...

surely jp that would then simply turn them into 'art' and worth much much more!

JP said...

Not art to me. Just broken kitchy junk.

Joolz said...

Boys are so mean. ESpecially brothers.

JP said...

Huh? Don't like coloured glass things thats all.

david gilbert said...

I wonder how much you would get for this stuff on ebay? The interesting thing for me is where the value is located. The museum as institution creates value, I feel, and tends to be fairly indiscriminate - everything has to be collected and therefore everything has value, regardless of how hideous it is. I am falling into the trap of defining value in relation to taste, of course. Clement Greenberg (champion of American Abstract Expressionist painting back in the late 1950's) said, "The determining ultimate intention and end of art, of the aesthetic in general, is qualitative. The only and the final question for art is whether it is good or bad and how good or bad. This is decided according to a scale of value decided by taste. Taste has to do only inexclusively with the aesthetic, with aesthetic value. And aesthetic value is ultimately created by taste." What a load of cobblers, I say. This tat is just 'craft', of course, rather than bad art. In the skip with it!

Kate said...

I knew I would get you to say this eventually David.