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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ceramics collections

I have been to Cannon Hall, Barnsley, here and here, viewing massive collections of miscellaenous objects. It was all very exhausting, however, I found much to admire, particularly the ceramics collections.
I like the very fine china, but also these pots which were displayed high up.

I realised I had the same display in my house.

I also liked these axe heads

and thought I could display an axe head found on my grandfather's farm.

I was pleased that this furby was displayed, and wondered where ours was.

Particularly good were the stuffed toys here and I am happy to say we have lots of those.

Everywhere we went people gave us nice food and tea and were very welcoming.
I ended up thinking that my home was like a museum and also their musuems were really homes (they were, in two cases).
In which case, why don't I charge a small fee to cover upkeep and let people in?


Simply Clare said...

I wish my home was like a museum. My home is just dirty. The cleaner never showed. She was too terrified and now I feel rejected. Again.

Kate said...

Mess is ofcourse part of creativity but actually my husband has never invited his work partner back here because he says the standard of cleanliness here is so appalling and the partner would find it difficult on health and safety ground.

Simply Clare said...

I feel better now.

guy said...

Well, there's another side to Barnsley! I only usually get as far as Longcar Teachers' Centre. It's recently had a 'make-over', but I'll never forget my first visit, you needed goggles to see through the tobacco smoke, the tea was so thick you could stand your spoon up in it and you had to prise the flapjack out of its sugary sap on the plate. It was hard, BUT it was grand! (And that was just the installation.)

Kate said...

Barnsley is, for me, the centre of the universe.
And that's just the shopping.
We haven't even touched on the football club...

Joolz said...

DrKate is lying. She is a Hackney girl. Through and Through.
Mind you the Open College of The Arts is in Barnsley.

Kate said...

Can can take the girl out of Hackney but you cannot take Hackney out of the girl. Dr Joolz is right.

david gilbert said...

Ah, Barnsley! Home of the NUM ( and Arthur Scargill. The town has such a huge journey to make from the mining community of 1985 to some alternative future. Wil Alsop Architects ( - look at the Big Architecture section) envisioned a new Barnsley in the form of a walled medieval town, focussing the area of physical and economic regeneration within its walls and preventing urban sprawl outside them, and proposed a halo of light projected above the town in the interim to indicate the boundary. Much derision from local people, needless to say!