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Thursday, November 17, 2005

memory sticks and boxes

This post is inspired by Anya who was so worried that her memory stick would get wet when (or if) her plane crashed in the sea she thought she should wrap it in plastic.
I would be just like that but being a bit arty I can only manage CDRoms but I carry these around everywhere along with my old fashioned Walkman.
I love the way the word memory stick is so powerful and evocative.
It is interesting that while sticks are mostly high-tech (sticks and stones) boxes are very crafty like these here.
The concept of the memory box is very powerful. This site has some interesting ideas.
Dr Joolz would adore these earrings here. I might get them for her for Christmas.


JP said...

Wot no stick? Hmmm.... another timely hint!

Digitalplayer said...

Those earings would really suit JOOLZ! Good shopping(as always).
PS It's her birthday soon too.

Kate said...

Yes JP you have it in one.
And Husband is getting me an ipod having promised one last year but alas it never materialised.

Angela Thomas said...

I just bought myself a new 1 gigabyte memory stick and its already full up!! I might wear it around my neck on my forthcoming flight to the US.

I also have about 20 shoe boxes full of old letters, birthday cards, mementos, film stubs, concert programs and so on. I can't bring myself to throw them away yet I never look at them. DO you think I should throw them away?

My last partner made me burn all of my old love letters than I had carefully kept preserved away to remind myself that I was once loved!

Kate said...

Angela you must never throw things away.
That is why my thesis was called Ephemera mess and miscellaneous piles.
The other thing is I have kept every letter from my best friend Christian and this is very important to me.
The partner makes me very cross.
However perhaps getting rid of the letters is good because then he is Out of Your Life.

Joolz said...

DrKate, I love those earrings. They are marvellous you are right; I have scissor earringstoo. I like things that are eally ther things in disguise Like David Barton's memorystick:

Kate said...

I have just tried to buy them for you but the site is a bit difficult and I think they are actually real memory sticks which is both even better and more scary.