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Friday, November 25, 2005

the space between

My friend Christian, who I wrote about here, who knows alot about mime, is writing a book about space.
She believes that we all suffer because we do not allow spaces between things but hurtle from one activity to the next.
For example, when my daughter comes in from school, she needs some vacant time just aimlessly doing nothing much, before she does the next thing.

This seems obvious to me, as I love mooching about and being aimless.
(Blogging is a wonderfully aimless thing to do)
When he was my supervisor, Brian was encouraging about the sitting in on the bus style of Phd writing and I thought this was very important.
Space as a category, has been written about here and also in this book, which I adore.
We are back to the wonders of the French intellectual.
They gave us Descartes, existentialism, Bourdieu, Bachelard, Kristeva and Irigaray.
What more can one want?
Ah yes, I forgot one vital person
Lacan. How could I have forgot?
PS Christian said that while she was writing her book, it is now too cold to write a book so she is resuming it in the Spring.
Meanwhile she will steam.
I might do the same with the blog unless it gets warmer.


Mary Plain said...

I like this ida that we need space between things. Today I have hurtled (metaphorically) between several tedious bits of writing and a mad dash at lunchtime to buy a warmer duvet and at about 4.30 I had had enough. I wandered over to talk to our music director and gossip and came back much refreshed. Still didn't finish the boring paper on fund-raising but it can wait.

Mary Plain said...

PS don't give up blogging for the winter, please!

Kate said...

No I won't give up blogging Mary Plain especially with you as commenter as this keeps me going!

Dr. Rob said...

Don't forget Baudrillard and Lyotard, Maffesoli, Foucault and of course Durkheim and Comte, I love the French School!!!!

Kate said...

Thanks for the extra French intellectuals Dr Rob I knew I had missed some out.

marianne said...

... and Deleuze!
The in-between: the border where thoughts take flight and things come to pass.

Kate said...

Oh yes Deleuze and Guattarri. Thanks for that Marianne!