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Monday, January 09, 2006

the narrative

Today I am thinking about narrative.
Go here first.
Here and here are some journals I didn't know about.
Fantastic that I can find out about Turkish oral narrative here.
We went to the House of Dreams exhibition at the Serpentine on Saturday and lay, enclosed, on white beds, looking up at images of birds, trees and horses.
After a white, we went into trance like state.
Looking out over Hyde Park I watched a woman in furs walk through the cold tree scape.
People were scattered between the trees and we lay and watched them on our white bed.
You can find out about the Kabokovs' work here.
They let us bring our narratives to their installations.
Just as we brought our narratives to Hyde Park.
snow 005

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Joolz said...

Yet again a beautiful photograph.
I love the links and the photographic stuff on the first link is fabulous.
I want to respond to all this on my blog.