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Saturday, January 07, 2006

sensible footwear

Are these:
-- A trio from the U.K. They specialize in what they call feminist guerrilla comedy. They're vintage Brit cabaret circa 1981.


Opinion is divided on the subject of these shoes.
Some people obviously would like them for practical reasons.
If you go here you can see what I mean. Hills and such-like.
But this is an aesthetic and also political debate.
My friend Anna adores them and says they are Sensible Footwear, giving a mid eighties vibe to our rather post-structuralist world.
Dr Joolz says they are arty (she always says the right thing)
and my cousin Bill says they are hand made and therefore good.
But others, notably Molly, don't like them as they do not have a very girly feel.
Isabel (who is 16 today) does like them.
Martin of course doesn't like them.
What do you think?
It all depends on what kind of feminist you are.
Post or mid eighties.
You decide.
PS Barney took the photo. He is neutral on the subject.


JP said...

I with Martin.

And I'm am humanist - not any sort of feminist.

Joolz said...

I KNEW the comment would be jp and knew he would not like them. I DID know this. It was not a guess.
(My word thingie is wesuclax!)