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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let me tell you my problem

you're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham.
Today celebrates this band.
Go and buy it now as it is in the shops.
PS You can read about the whale artists here.
They look really interesting.
But I think the whale is going to the Natural History Museum according to the Guardian today.


Joolz said...

A number of questions:
1. Why is that boy smoking?
2. What will become of the whale?
3. What is the nature ofthe relationship between the two artists?
4. What do you prefer? Rotherham? Or New York?

Joolz said...

5. Is it really only Tuesday?

Kate said...

Actually I prefer New York.
What boy?
The whale is going to the Natural History Museum.
I know, the Tuesday thing is hard.
I am sure it is Wednesday tomorrow but am amazed that it is this early in the week and I have the spinning Friday feeling.

Kate said...

Oh I get you.
The boy in the picture.
he's an Arctic MOnkey innit?

michaela said...

arctic monkeys - my soundtrack of choice cycling to and from the tate. reminds me of the pleasures of BEING NORTHERN!

Kate said...

On the ipod already Michaela that is so cool!