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Friday, January 20, 2006

The journey to Sheffield

is fun. Normally I take this bus,

kindly provided by Ken Livingstone and bendy, then go through Newington Green

which I have talked about here before getting to King's Cross St Pancras which is having exciting new works so we can link up to Paris.

At this point this will be the soundtrack probably.

Run out of space. Sheffield tomorrow.


cityB said...

Could be dangerous when the work's completed because you might be tempted to jump on the train to Paris rather than Sheffield.
P.S. Reading your blog and writing a comment takes exactly the same amount of time as it does for me to eat a sandwich. Thanks for making my lunchtimes interesting, Dr. Kate!

Kate said...

I am glad CityB .
I do my blog first thing just so you can read it in your lunchbreak.
Synchonicity eh?
PS This will be v. difficult and I might have to be restrained re: Paris.
The only thing is to present loads of papers in Paris which is my next new Plan.

Joolz said...

I like seeing the photos of your hood DrKate. Can we see some more?
CityBI am worried that you drop crumbs on the keyboard.
I love the new picture on your blog btw.