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Monday, January 02, 2006

tunnels of thought

This year's first post is inspired by the concept of patterns in the snow.
Also tunnels of thought.
The idea of our thoughts moving through tunnels, always moving but also recursive.
This idea was thought up in the car on the Dorset run, after new year spent with Christian by the fire in ancient arm chairs,
both of us complaining about our hips, and considering patterns and shapes in life.
This is also to celebrate the New Year
and my new year's resolution which is obviously to be this.
Happy New Year everyone!


Joolz said...

Such a good resolution DrKate!!

Kate said...

Hurrah! You are back from Nice Dr Joolz.
My other resolution was:
I will not write any more book chapters.
But I didnt say it. x

Joolz said...

Bloody good one. Which reminds ,me .... now where's my pen?