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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


is marvellous and I disagree with Simon Charlesworth who described it as a place of depressing post industrial landscapes and depressed people.
Au contraire.
Here is a cheerful Rotherham taxi driver.

Here is the town centre, and lots to look at.

Here is the wonderful river Rother

and here is the magical post industrial landscape

with the wonderful M1 slicing right through it.

Where is this?
Dr Joolz will know.

The stuffed animal, ofcourse, came from Clifton Park Museum, in Rotherham.


Digigran said...

Hi Kate
I had thought the stuffed animal was in your children's bed, given the poster you showed in an earlier posting. How wrong I was.

The picture you show of the post-industrial landscape is of one of the most enduring images of my childhood. Those wonderful cooling towers, looming over the M1 that now signal for me return to where I was born.
Enjoy Rotherham. You have already uncovered some of it's hidden pleasures.
ps have now resumed Blogging

Kate said...

OOh good will rush to your weblog.
But you did not guess where the final picture was taken so you still have more work to do.

Joolz said...

The photo is taken from the top dec of the bus on the way to Sheffield from Rotherham. You are right by the university here. I can see the horrible looking new ICOSS centre. But I don't know road names.
And the Information commons here

Kate said...

Spot on Dr Joolz.
You get TOP MARKS.

litrate said...

I love your photos taken through train windows.I think we experience most scenery, landscape and nature through windows when moving.I have begun a set on Flickr called mobilities. Also there's a connection to be made to painting and all those nineteenth century painters travelling at speed and looking out of train windows.....

litrate said...

Okay, it was a bus rather than a train.

Kate said...

Actually it was a train but I wanted Dr Joolz to be right.
I would be a crap examiner.

Joolz said...

Really a train? What train? Am so confused. Was I TOTALLY wrong? Oh no.

Kate said...

No you are never wrong Dr Joolz.
It is just that actually I was on my way TO Sheffield FROM Rotherham IN a train.
Everything else was actually right.

Joolz said...

Phew. That's OK then.

guy said...

What a relief! All just a bit of a misunderstanding, then.