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Thursday, January 12, 2006

What is on the walls

Inspired by Guy I thought I would do a mini research project on what is on the walls in our house.
Having received ethical clearance, I can now begin.

Sylvanian poster

Note the arrangement of animal-like objects on this wall poster.
But beside it is this image, gouged out of plaster.
What does it signify?

Here is a small ancient inscription.

I might need to do an ethnographic interview and crystallize my data.


Joolz said...

I like the hedgehog family the best `I think. Regarding marks on the wall, it is spooky if your kids have not secretly made some kind of mark somewhere.

Kate said...

It is also spooky if you have not painted your house since about the md 1980s and it shows, which is what this research project has uncovered.

cityB said...

I remember playing Sylvanian families with Dr Joolz's daughter until we grew bushy tails and almost turned into them ourselves. I didn't realise they were still around. Much respect.

Morgan said...

Please tell me where this poster came from? I really want one for my friend!!

Thanks now