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Monday, January 16, 2006


is dead. This is a huge relief to me.
I have never liked it as it denied the messy person an opportunity to revel in miscellaneous piles and stuff.
Luckily these architects agree with me.
This is what The Sunday Times says about them:
Rejecting the usual architectural solutions of tidiness and uniformity, they believe people should be encouraged to customize their homes.
(Sunday Times 15.1.06)
Even better is their name (FAT).
Also, they are interested in the relationship between architecture and narrative.
As the article says, this is architecture that tells stories.
This gets me back to my unwritten book The Untidy House, which, ofcourse is homage to my favourite ever book, The Tidy House which is all about stuffed animals and homes.
I love it.

This is a nice animal.
Where do you think it was taken?


Joolz said...

on the moon??

Kate said...

ha no, good try Dr Joolz.

cityB said...

In Hamleys or another toy shop?

Kate said...

see next post CityB