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Saturday, January 21, 2006


to Sheffield is a meditative experience.
Here is a nice river (between Derby and Leicester don't know what)

After Derby it gets a little hilly.

This spire is rather crooked.

Here is Sheffield,

and here is my favourite view once more, to remind me why I came.

Yes, Its the M1 again.
The music?
Have you heard of Patty Griffin. She is amazing.
Impossible Dream is Fab.


cityB said...

Did you realise a UFO was following you? You can see it in the trees near the river, by the hill, then it gets really small to get inside the bus station and then disappears beyond the horizon by the M1. It seems quite friendly - I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Joolz said...

So how come you came back on Saturday?
That's unusual.

Kate said...

I am very advance about blogging.
In fact this is a FAKE BLOG.
All the pictures were taken ON THE WAY BACK.
Non one however spotted this. Ha.