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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

narrative and artifacts

This is the subject of my paper which has just been published here.
I am obsessed with the relationship between narrative and artifacts, some would say unduly.
This started when I watched in homes, how objects (sometimes these were in glass cabinets) were taken out, and showed to me in relation to long-term family narratives, spanning generations.
These narratives then sedimented into texts and became handed down further.
This is why the focus on objects in glass cabinets became so interesting to me.
I also observed how these oft-told family narratives were take up by children and merged with their interest in digital texts and I have written about these texts here.
This is one of the key themes of this blog and I write about it again here.


JP said...

Its interesting how even technical reports follow the structure of narrative.

There is the issue to address (equivalent to the plot or tension that drives a good story).

There is analysis of the key issues (equivalent to the characterisation and back story)

Then there is investigation of possible solutions (equivalent to plot development)

Finally there is the study conclusions (equivalent to story resolution)

Joolz said...

Yoour article looks really interesting DrKate and I will be reading it very soon.