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Friday, January 27, 2006

When it comes to acting up

Anya is thinking about everyday literacies and blogging and Dr Joolz thinks about this too.
There has also been an on-going discussion in blogging worlds about identity and blogging. Does it matter what we say or are we just acting up?
Anya is thinking about our favourites as a kind of identity marker.
The founder of which Dr Joolz is raving about, has figured out, according to Clay Shirky, that it celebrates,
the social value of labelling. Any one person's labels are messy, and inconsistent and partial...However, if there is a way to aggregate those labels, they become more valuable than formal systems

Read more about it here.
By labelling the world, we give it meaning.
Blogging is also a kind of labelling process.
I am interested in blogging as a kind of habitual activity, part of one's daily routine, linked into life.
One of the things about the blog is that it has linked itself both to the spaces and places I have been to, and also to the music I have listened to on my ipod.
It has sort of followed me around as an artefact of identity.
It has also acted a space where I place all the experiences I have.
It also acts as a space for visual stuff.
here is a hoodie in a wood.

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