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Friday, January 06, 2006


Yes! We have wireless.
And my lap top was sick and had to be de-virused.
Mike from this company has mended it.
For a while all our BT settings went haywire but now they have settled down
and Mike has just helped connect up the DS and unglitched the sound from my computer.
There seems to be a process by which the more complicated stuff we have the more glitches emerge.

For a break go here and read about string. So restful.
Even better is chaos theory here.
Back to mess and muddle.
Like Dr Joolz I am wading through treacle here.
Time for a break.


JP said...

Congrats Dr Kate - isn't wireless wonderful!

Like the photo - which seems somewhat familier to Captain JP!

Joolz said...

Wireless is marvellous. You can now blog anywhere.
I am feeling faint. I adore Molly and need to see her in real life.

Kate said...

She is marvellous but spends her whole time doing complicated things with Bratz or Sylvanians etc upstairs so I rarely see her either.